Five things you wished you had known before starting climbing

If you’re hooked on climbing, that’s it- you just can’t get enough. Climbing is a sport that does that: there are not many sports out there that are considered a “way of living,” and most of those are outdoor sports.



But don’t worry, the climbing rush can hit you even between the gym walls, where you can challenge yourself by pushing your limits, learn some magic tricks from more experienced climbers, and, most importantly, have fun. Just like any such intoxicating passion, climbing too has its own downsides- which we would not necessarily call negative, just a tad invasive in the average climber everyday life. Here are five examples.




You will start hanging carabiners on your Christmas tree


It’s that time of the year when homes start lighting up with festive colors… and climbing nuts start thinking about ways to make their decorations more “climbing-ish” and unique. That’s when Christmas baubles are replaced with carabiners, garlands with ropes and slings, and sometimes tree toppers with a climbing shoe. The presents will be different too! Suddenly, your gifts will all be very monothematic (but can we really complain about that?).
Take some inspiration from the one and only Oliunìd Christmas tree you find in the picture below!





4-3-2-1 will turn into your rep scheme


The classic Monday morning conversations at your office coffee machine might result in unexpected outcomes. While your colleagues comment on soccer formations and strategies, you might find yourself converting those numbers into a new repetition scheme for your training session at the hangboard



Charlotte Karlsen

Credits Charlotte Karlsen



You won’t stop talking about rubber compounds


Rubber has never been so interesting! You will get into passionate discussions about which compound works best, providing great support and precision on the smallest slab edges. You will go on for hours, to the delight of your roommates and family. 



Wild Climb Archive



If you put a ring on it… It’s going to be a training ring


Rings have always been the number one ground for misunderstandings. Climbers who focus on planning, goal setting, and suspension training will know only one type of ring: the ones that hang from the ceiling. 



Gmb Fitness

Gmb Fitness



You will look for flats with support beams


Speaking of ceilings and home gyms, when looking for a new home you will start considering having some extra space or features that will allow you to hang a hangboard or any other training equipment. Storage rooms, garages, extra rooms… Anything can turn into your next training alley!



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