Shipping Costs and Estimated Shipping Date

Shipping Costs

On Oliunìd shipments have different costs depending on the destination address and in some cases on the type of products ordered.


Shipping within Italy is always free for orders of any amount on Oliunìd if you choose GLS as a courier.

Otherwise you can pick UPS as a courier for your delivery within Italy. This has an additional cost of 7,00 € for orders of any amount. You can pick UPS as your courier once you get to the shopping cart.


Shipping to Shipping Costs with GLS Shipping Costs with UPS
Italy Always free 7,00 €


European Union

Shipments to European Union Countries (with few exceptions, see below)  have a cost of € 10.00 for orders below € 100.00, while they are free for orders over € 100.00. If you order at least one crash pad, the shipping cost becomes 50 € regardless of the size of the order.


The order contains Shipping Costs for Orders below € 100,00 Shipping Costs for Orders over € 100,00
Any product except one or more crash pads € 10,00 € Free
At least one crash pad 50,00 € 50,00 €


European Union Countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic , Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary. For Malta and Cyprus see the Rest of the World section.


Rest of the World

Shipments to Countries outside the European Union have fixed costs that do not depend on the amount of the order and vary according to the type of products ordered.

Please note: these costs do not take into account any duties that may be imposed to clear the goods once they arrive at their destination.

Please also note that, should you refuse the goods we shipped to you, we will need for you to pay the customs clearance fees for returning the goods.


Your order contains Shipping Costs
Any product except crash pads, ropes, skis and hangboards € 24,00
At least one of a rope, a hangboard or a pair of skis € 49,00
At least one crash pad € 99,00


For orders shipping to Malta or Cyprus the shipping cost is 99 € notwithstanding the total amount or the products contained.


Estimated Delivery Time

Once your parcel has been shipped the delivery time will vary depending on the destination address; hereafter you can find the complete report on the expected delivery times.


Delivery is guaranteed in 24 hours in most of Italy. Exceptions are Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria and some areas that are difficult to reach (e.g. some mountain areas).


Delivery to Estimated Delivery Time
Italy but Sicily, Sardinia and Calabria 24 hours
Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria and some areas that are difficult to reach 48 hours


European Union

The delivery time for shipments within the European Union vary depending on the Country. Please find hereafter the expected delivery times for each European Country.


Consegna in Tempi di consegna previsti
Austria 2 work days
Belgium 2 work days
Bulgaria 5 work days
Croatia 2 work days
Czech Republic 2 work days
Denmark 3 work days
Estonia 5 work days
Finland 4 work days
France 2 work days
Germany 2 work days
Greece 3 work days
Hungary 3 work days
Ireland 4 work days
Latvia 5 work days
Lithuania 4 work days
Luxembourg 2 work days
Netherlands 3 work days
Poland 3 work days
Portugal 3 work days
Romania 4 work days
Slovakia 3 work days
Slovenia 2 work days
Spain 2 work days
Sweden 2 work days


Rest of the World

For Countries outside the European Union as well the expected delivery time varies according to the Country of delivery. You can check the delivery times of your order directly from the UPS courier website.

Just fill in the "Ship From" section by entering:

- Country or Territory: Italy
- Zip Code: 36100

Then fill in the "Ship To" section with the shipping address.

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