Surprise Box Climbing Holds Set Made by Us - 200 €

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Surprise Box climbing holds set made by us with a value of 200 €.

This is the first holds set you are buying and you cannot pick the right one. You need different kinds of holds, and the choice seems hard. Our Surprise Box is the right solution for you: we will pick the right holds for you, based on your needs. Please find hereunder all the information you need to make the right choice!

Climbing Grade

They keep telling you it's not about the grade, but in a way, it is: the higher your grade the harder the holds you will receive.

Wall Inclination

The wall inclination is important: the holds that will be good on a slab will not be as good on a overhanging wall!

This choice is mandatory and you can decide between:

- Variable
- Vertical
- Slightly overhanging (less than 15 °)
- Medium overhanging (greater than 15 °, but less than 35 °)
- Overhanging (greater than 35 °, but less than 45 °)
- Roof (over 45 °)

Holds Size

You can pick bigger or smaller holds, depending on the way you wish to train. This choice is mandatory.

Footholds Fixing

Some of our footholds need bolts, like all the other holds. Some instead are screw-ons: you need normal wood screws for them. Screw-on footholds have the advantage that they don't need to follow the holes on your panel and you can place them wherever you want.

Holds Color

Exactly as you read it: if you don't need a specific color you can pick the random choice. If you need the holds in one color only, please pick this choice. Please remember that we will pick the color anyway.


If you also need T-Nuts to fix your new holds to the climbing panel, you can choose the ones you prefer in the hardware section.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How many holds are in this Surprise Box?

Keep in mind that in a mixed set of polyester holds including footholds you will pay an average 3,50/4,00 € for each hold. The number of holds you will receive depends on

  • -holds size (the bigger the holds, the less you will receive)

What bolts will you send me?

We always send the right bolts for the holds you will receive with the Surprise Box. They all have a 10 mm diameter and a 1 mm pitch. 

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