Introducing the new Ocun Sigma

The idea behind the Ocun Sigma is to provide a highly effective tool for vertical climbing characterized by edges and corners, thus offering a moderately rigid solution with excellent toe-pushing capabilities.


But let's delve into the details!




Materials and Upper


Let's start with the upper, made entirely from synthetic materials, making them vegan-friendly and boasting excellent durability over time while maintaining both the shape and structure of the shoe. The tongue is also quite interesting, crafted from elastic and soft-touch materials: not only are they comfortable to wear, but also highly practical, allowing you to tuck the lace ends into a dedicated pocket.


Aggressive Shape for Uncompromising Performance


As shoes designed for experienced climbers, Ocun's Sigma shoes are crafted with an aggressive shape characterized by pronounced arching and an asymmetric footbed. This naturally allows you to concentrate all your pushing force right on the tip of the shoe, especially when you need to load a barely hinted foothold on vertical or slightly overhanging walls.



4mm Vibram XS Grip 2 for Ultra-Edging


The choice of sole type represents an innovative compromise between a half-sole and a full sole. It's essentially a half-sole, but its length extends further compared to "classic" half-soles, covering a wide space under the arch of the foot. This combines the flexibility of a shoe with a half-sole, more effective in heel hooks and all the typical movements of bouldering, with the support you need in all pushing movements. The compound used is the 4mm Vibram XS Grip, one of Vibram's stiffest and most durable choices, perfect if the rock you climb on most often is characterized by sharp micro-edges and smears where you need to exert maximum force.



The Innovative 3D Hard Fit Midsole


Adding even more effectiveness to the half-sole is the innovative 3D Hard Fit midsole, patented by Ocun itself to offer greater support in every technical and vertical climbing situation, often encountered in competitions as well. This half-sole, also known as a "sandwich," is made with a double layer of rubber: the first layer extends from the toe to halfway through the shoe, while the second extends from under the toes to the back of the foot. This makes the front part of the shoe more structured while retaining flexibility in the middle and heel, essential for adapting to smears and heel hooks. The 3D Hard Fit is also wider than a classic half-sole, wrapping around the side of the foot with a more supportive sensation, stabilizing it in pushing movements.



When to Choose Ocun's Sigma Shoes


Thanks to their highly technical features, Ocun's Sigma shoes are perfect for intermediate to advanced climbers aiming for maximum performance on vertical sport routes on rock.