FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Questions about the Returns

1.1. May I return a product?

Of course: please find the instructions at this link.

1.2. May I change a product I bought?

No, we do not organize product exchanges: the refund will be issued as soon as we receive the goods you returned. In the meantime you can place a new order and purchase one or more alternative products. This way the second order will leave our warehouse immediately and you will receive the new product in no time.

1.3. The product I received is defected: what should I do?

Send us an e-mail at support@oliunid.it and specify your order number, purchase date and the issue you have with it. Please also attach one or more pictures of the product. Our customer service will contact you soon.

1.4. I bought a product in one of your shops, may I send it back to you?

No, but you can come to one of our Oliunìd Shops with your receipt: we will gladly change your product with another one.

2. Questions about the Orders

2.1. Are the prices I see on your website net or gross?

The price you see are gross and include the Italian 22% VAT.

2.2. What is the expected delivery time for my order?

We will ship as soon as all the products you ordered are in stock. Please find all the information you need about shipping costs and delivery time at this link. We manage orders until 5.30 pm, CET: if you place your order later we will see it on the next work day. 

2.3. I paid my order via PayPal but I did not get my confirmation: what may I do?

Once the PayPal pop-up window appears and you confirm your payment you need to get back and conclude your order on our website by clicking on Place Order, bottom right of the page. If this operation is not fulfilled your order is not to be considered complete and will not be taken care of in our system.

2.4. May I add products to my order?

Yes, and you have two options:

1. place a new order. Shipment is always free in Italy and it is free of charge over 100 € in the European Union. Please find information about the shipment costs outside the EU at this page.
2. send us an e-mail message at support@oliunid.it where you ask for the order cancellation. If it has not been readied yet we can refund you the total amount, so you can place a new order and get the products you need.

2.5. May I cancel my order?

Please do contact us immediately at support@oliunid.it and specify your order number: if your shipment has not been readied yet we can cancel it wholly or partially.

If you already paid by credit card or PayPal we will refund you immediately on the same account.

If you paid by bank transfer you will need to communicate to us your order number, a valid IBAN and account holder where we can refund the amount.

If you placed your order but you still have not paid, do not pay! It will be enough for you to request the cancellation of the order.

If you chose to pay cash on delivery we may cancel your order wholly and not partially (of course you can place a new order immediately).

2.6. I live outside the European Union: is it possible for me to place an order on Oliunìd?

Yes, we do ship outside the EU. Please find all the information about shipping costs and time at this link.

If the delivery address is outside the EU the Italian 22% VAT will not be applied (the price will update once at checkout).

The final price you will pay at checkout does not account for custom duties that might be applied and for local taxations that are not in force in the EU.

2.7. Some of the products I need are not available: may I be given notice when they are available again?

You can subscribe with your e-mail address on the product page: this way, we will give you notice when the product is available again. If you need a specific product (a rope of a certain length, a specific size and color for a pair of pants), please write us at support@oliunid.it: we will give you notice when it is available again.

2.8. I would like to buy a product, but I can not find it on your catalog: what should I do?

Send us an e-mail message at support@oliunid.it where you specify which product you need. We will let you know whether we can get it for you, when and at which price. We are always eager to find out new products!

2.9. Are there any special offers for my orders on Oliunìd?

Sure! You can find our Quantity Discounts at this page.

3. Questions about the shipments

3.1. How much does my shipment cost?

Please find at this page the information about the shipping cost and expected delivery date for an order on Oliunìd.

3.2. I placed my order but did not get my tracking code, how come?

The tracking code will be sent as soon as the shipment leaves our warehouse. If you have not received it yet it means that we have not sent the goods yet, probably because we are still waiting for some of the products from our supplier.

3.3. Why does not my tracking code work?

The tracking code activates around 8:00 pm, after the shipment has left. Please try again later. Should it still not be working on the next day please contact us at support@oliunid.it.

3.4. I gave the wrong address for my order: may I update it?

Please do contact us immediately at support@oliunid.it: if the shipment has not left yet we can change the address. Should the package be already on its way, we ca not change it.

3.5. What happens if the courier can not deliver my package?

There are two scenarios:

1. delivery by GLS. Please go to the GLS seat closest to you with your tracking number: you can pick up your parcel there. Otherwise Oliunìd will contact the seat in order to release the parcel and have it delivered again. Please note that an undelivered parcel is a cost for us: please be very careful when you communicate the delivery address and and be there when the delivery is due.
2. delivery by UPS. If the courier can not deliver your parcel it will remain at the closest Access Point, without extra charges, for ten days. You can pick it up right there.

3.6. May I have my parcel delivered to a post office?

No, but you can have it delivered to a GLS seat or to a GLS Shop if you are in Italy. Please fill in your name and surname and the address of the GLS seat or Shop that you are interested in, while completing your order. Please find all the GLS seats and shops at this link.

4. Questions about the payments

4.1. Which payment methods do you accept?

For orders to be delivered in Italy we accept payments by credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer and cash on delivery (with a 5 € surcharge).

For orders to be delivered outside Italy we accept payments by credit cards, PayPal and bank transfer.

Please note that if you chose to pay by money transfer we will only start to  process your order when the money lands on our account: this might take a couple of days.

4.2. I need an invoice for my order on Oliunìd: is this possible?

Sure, for orders from within the EU please contact us at support@oliunid.it before you place your order. We always issue the invoice for orders from outside the EU.

4.3. I placed my order as a private customer but I need an invoice: can you do this?

It is possible if we are still in the Month during which the order has been placed. For example, if you placed your order on May 29th you have time until May 31st to request your invoice. Please do contact us at support@oliunid.it and specify your order number and the data we need in order to issue it.

4.4. Is it possible to extract VAT on a purchase by a company from the European Union?

Yes, we need to check that your VAT number is valid according to the VIES check that you can find at this link. If the VAT number is valid the VAT will be extracted from the amount of your order.

Please proceed with your order and send us an email to support@oliunid.it with your order number and VAT number. If you have already paid (PayPal or credit card) we will immediately refund you 22% (Italian VAT); if you have chosen to pay by bank transfer we will send you a request for payment of the reduced VAT amount.

If the VAT number is not valid then we cannot refund the 22%; you can still decide to cancel your order.

4.5. Which are your bank details? 

Please find them here.

IBAN: IT09 S010 0511 8000 0000 0007 654


Bank address: Corso Andrea Palladio, 45 Vicenza 36100 (VI)

4.6. Do I have to send you the receipt for my money transfer?

No, please do not send any receipt.

5. Questions about the Oliunìd Shops

5.1. What are the addresses and opening hours of the Oliunìd Shops?

Please find any information about our shops at this link.

5.2. Are the same prices I see online valid in the shops as well?

Yes, the prices are the same, including the quantity discounts.

6. Questions about my account

6.1. I subscribed to Oliunìd, may I update my data?

By clicking on "My Account" on the top right corner on any page of our website you will access your customer area: there you will get all the information you need about your account and update your settings on addresses, payments and more as you wish.

Please note: changing your account settings will not affect the orders you placed previously.



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